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Post by Iloilo Kicks on Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:07 am

Forum Rules

Inappropriate Behavior:

Behavior deemed inappropriate by any member of the Brokenbulb staff may result in your account being suspended or banned from our forums/games. All of your previous posts may also be removed from the forums.

Inappropriate behavior can be described as (although is not limited to) the following:
Engaging in heated religious or political discussion
Using obscenities of any kind
Exposing the community (or any member of the community) to nudity of any kind
Engaging in advertising of any kind
Exposing the community (or any member of the community) to anything sexually related
Engaging in discussion that is insulting to a person or group of people.
Exposing the community to images that are demeaning racially, stereotypically, or sexually
Posting images from other (Non-Brokenbulb) online games
Engaging in discussions about other (Non-Brokenbulb) games
Exposing the (or any member of the community) community to violent imagery
Engaging in discussions about illegal drugs


Ultimately, Brokenbulb staff members will decide what is considered “inappropriate behavior”.

Capital Letters:

On the Internet, a word or group of words typed in all capital letters signifies shouting. Since no one likes being shouted at, titles and threads that are in all (or nearly all) capital letters will be removed.


Do not insult (or instigate the insulting of) other players, Moderators, or Brockenbulb staff members.


Do not stray from the topic stated within the body of a thread's creator. Threads that have gone “off-topic” will be locked.

Be sure that your thread is posted in the correct area of the forums. Threads that are posted in the wrong area will be moved.

Intentionally taking a thread off-topic in order to get it locked will result in your posts being removed from the forums.

Promotion of Other Games:

Do not advertise or otherwise promote Non-Brokenbulb games on the forums. You are free to mention other games, but please refrain from anything that might be deemed promotion of other games.


Intentionally taking a thread off its intended course is considered “Hijacking”.
Do not hijack threads by posting “off-topic” comments.


Please do not post spam (multiple, pointless messages) to increase your post count. This may result in all of your previous posts being deleted.

Double Posting:

Do not post more than one thread regarding a single subject.
Do not reply two (or more) times in a row in one thread.


Bans will not be discussed openly on the forums. Any thread created for this purpose will be removed without notice. If you wish to discuss a ban, please send a private message to your game’s Community Manager.


The act of replying to a thread that has not had a recent reply or replying to a thread that refers to a subject that is no longer relevant is called "Necromancy” or “Necro-ing”.

Do not necro threads that have not had a reply in over two-weeks. Similarly, do not reply to threads that have completely lost their relevance.

Any thread that has been necro-ed will be removed.

Thread Locked/Removed (Discussion of Moderation):

Discussing a thread that has been locked or removed is expressly forbidden, as is the discussion of moderator actions.

If you have concerns regarding a thread that was locked or removed, please send a private message to your game’s Community Manager.

Advertising of Services/Websites:

Do not advertise other sites or services.
Posts containing advertisements for other sites or services will be removed and may result in the poster having all of their posts removed.

Unreleased Content:

Posts and/or private messages that contain language, comments, references, links, symbols, terms and/or content that, in any manner whether directly or indirectly, show/display and/or discuss any of the following are prohibited: (a) unreleased in-game items or equipment; (b) areas that have been unlocked by hacking into client data files; and/or (c) data not available through normal game play.
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